A great way to change the look and feel of a room is to add custom cabinets and upgrade the baseboard, doors and casing.

We work with customers to design built-in cabinetry that addresses all the needs a customer has in a desired space. From custom Media centers to offices and more, our finishing carpentry truly adds a touch of class to a room.

With custom cabinets and mouldings, it is best to paint the room after. This way we can lacquer them in place, giving them the best look achievable!

From a cost perspective, custom cabinets run from $350-$600 per linear foot, based on level of detail, amount of drawers and door fronts. Materials selected also affect pricing.

To replace doors, baseboard and window casings a general rule of $9-$15/sq.ft. includes materials, installation and painting of the space. These numbers are largely variable on a per case basis. A free in home estimate in very advisable to get a true cost plan.