Renovating an entire home is a great way to use equity. Generally 70-100% of a properly planned and budgeted renovation can be recouped by increasing the value of the property. We have had several customers have their home valued after we finish and the valuation increase has exceeded the cost of the renovation. With a wealth of real estate knowledge, our company owner can help you plan for value.

The best way to do a full home renovation is for the homeowner to move out, however we are aware this is not a possibility for everyone and we can stage jobs in phases or work intensely during vacations. We are very conscious of family life throughout the process.

We are experienced in removing load bearing walls in order to open up older homes. We can also build additions to provide more space. Renovating an entire home is the ultimate way to increase the quality of life. By doing the full home or a full floor, walls can be removed or added, plumbing and electrical can easily be relocated and all the rooms of the finished product can share the same design theme.

Costing for full home renovations is done on a cost plus 20% basis plus True North labour and materials.