1. Free in home consultation and estimate: The approximate costing for most jobs is included in this website.

  2. Our estimators will put together a project estimate. Our construction team will put together a proposed schedule and outline the scope of work for all desired renovation elements.

  3. A second meeting is scheduled to present the construction proposal

  4. Once the client has accepted the proposal, a design and planning deposit of 1500 dollars is collected (to later be applied to the project total) blueprints are then drawn up. The customer then has an appointment at the design center to make all selections required with our designer.

  5. Once customer selections are completed and trades have submitted their exact pricing a firmly priced contract is signed. The contract is approved by the province of Alberta and meets the standards required by the pre-paid contractor licence held with the province.

  6. A permit is obtained by True North before any work is performed. We only work by the legal process and refuse to work without permits.

  7. A construction deposit is taken and work begins

  8. A weekly project status update is presented either in person or via email every Monday. The method of communication is the customers decision. We are happy to do weekly walkthrough with the homeowner. It is a great way to facilitate understanding and answer any questions or concerns.

  9. Depending on the nature of the project, payment draws are taken. For large renovations there are bi weekly draws. For basements and kitchens there are stated progress draws.

  10. Before final paint touch-ups and railing installation, customers are encouraged to move in any large furniture. As long as move in damage is reasonable we then repair it and do the final paint touch ups.

  11. Final inspections occur and the permit is closed

  12. Once complete, a customer walkthrough occurs. Any identified deficiencies are corrected

  13. Final 10% is due.

  14. 60 day quality check up is performed

  15. 1 year quality check up is performed